Richard Hoptroff
Richard Hoptroff
Founder & CTO Hoptroff London

Richard was awarded a PhD in Physics by King’s College London in 1992 for his work in optical computing and artificial intelligence. In 1992, together with Ravensbeck, he founded Right Information Systems, a neural net forecasting software company which was sold to Cognos Inc (now part of IBM) in 1997. Richard is the Founder and CTO, Hoptroff London.

Hoptroff London provides industrial timing solutions with accuracy up to tens of nanoseconds. Our proprietary TTaaS (Traceable Time as a Service) system accurately measures, monitors and logs timing of automated events, via an unbroken verifiable chain, traceable from the original UTC source down to the application itself.

Hoptroff states “Choosing TTaaS instead of installing and integrating local timing hardware and software, saves our clients money and provides them with fully traceable timing that meets all current compliance standards at any POP on demand. Accurate timing is a critical service for financial services firms across the globe and delivery of our time feed is underpinned with the most reliable and fastest low latency networks available. Accurate timing will become a universal service as demand grows to synchronise different locations to understand, in real time, how processes running across distributed computing infrastructure are actually performing. This will bring benefits not just to the financial trading community but to a wide range of other industries that include Gaming, Media & Broadcast, E-commerce and the emerging Blockchain applications.”