Chris Cowan

Chris has been Managing Director of Clusters (www.clusters.uk.com) since its launch in 2005. Clusters specialises in segmentation and quantitative analysis and research, with particular TV and Media expertise. Clusters’ focus is on helping clients grow by targeting their resources more effectively. We have a long list of satisfied repeat clients who have improved bottom line marketing effectiveness and exceeded growth targets.

Chris has a 25-year track record taking a highly practical, commercial approach to managing some of the world’s most famous blue-chip brands. He spent 7 years each at Unilever, Duracell, and Disney. As VP Marketing EMEA for the Disney Channel, he was responsible for using a radical new approach to segmentation to take the channel from a poor 3rd to viewing leadership. Prior to starting Clusters, Chris completed a 6-month assignment as Head of Venue Sales Operations at Sky, where he was responsible for generating 10% of Sky’s subscriptions.

As segmentation specialists with our own proprietary techniques and software, Clusters’ provides insight and targeting evidence for the key business and marketing decisions that drive growth: brand proposition, market entry strategy, brand and product/service development, messaging, competitive targeting and share steal, portfolio optimisation. Our team is a blend of clients and agency ensuring that Clusters’ research and analysis is more than just ‘interesting’, but underpins decisions and action plans with hard data and evidence.

As well as many clients in a wide range of non-Media sectors, Clusters clients have included the BBC, MTV, Discovery, DSTV-i-Multichoice, Manoto1, ViaSat, UKTV, MBC, nowTV, Fox, Associated Press, Cineworld, Hit Entertainment, Disney, NBC Universal, Chello Multicanal, A+E and Turner. Clusters has carried out assignments in most European countries as well as Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and South Africa.