Anke Beining
Anke Beining
Zurich, Switzerland

Anke is an international broadcast, media and entertainment executive with a track record over 20 years of launching, developing and expanding digital media platforms, TV channels and on-demand services across German-speaking Europe. She has a comprehensive international knowledge of all aspects of the media business including sales and acquisitions, production, distribution and marketing.

From 2011 to 2015 Anke was a Board member of CT Cinetrade, one of Switzerland’s leading media companies. As Chief Operating Officer of Cinetrade’s On-Demand and Pay-TV Channel platform, she increased market share by 75%, launched successful new German, French and Italian-language services, co-produced 30 feature films and oversaw the group’s content acquisitions and related product marketing. Previously, for 10 years, she was an executive board member of The Walt Disney Company in Munich where she oversaw legal, compliance and business affairs matters for all lines of business in German-speaking Europe, including theatrical distribution, TV channels, media distribution, marketing, consumer products, publishing, retail and online, and was responsible for the sale and distribution of Disney’s Pay TV channels. Earlier achievements include implementing Kinowelt’s international co-production and distribution network and organizing Senator Film’s IPO.

Anke is a strategic and analytical thinker, with hands-on management skills, experienced in negotiating and executing complex projects, with negotiating competence in English, German, French and Italian. She has an extensive professional network and strong relationships within the media industry, finance world and creative community, and is an internationally-trained multi-lingual lawyer and media expert, holding a PhD in copyright law, with extensive work experience in the United States, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.